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This is the coolmath web and network. During 1997 a couple of sites decided to make math enjoyable for all those type of people who have thought math itsnpot fun at all. After years passed by now there are many people which are convinced that coolmath is an equation that makes sense.

The official site .com is the first site created on the web and offers for ages 10-100 explanations that are easy to grasp on topics like algebra, precalculus and more. for all of us that have had a career as math teachers its such a great pleasure for us to help people understand coolmathgames and enjoy.

Coolmathforkids is for 12 years-old and under users. Cool Math For Kids is design in a way to teach math to this category of ages and make it fun to them.

Coolmath Games is a brain training game for everyone thinking meets fun and use logic to play coolmath games. Of course this type of games have nothing to do with violence and no empty action. In here you will find alot of challenges that will make you forget you’re getting a mental workout!

Have fun and enjoy with all coolmathgames you find on our site!


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How To Make A Firework Rocket In Minecraft 2019

In this Minecraft tutorial we will explain how you can craft your own firework rocket using step-by-step instructions and screenshots. In Minecraft, the firework rocket happens to be a fun and exciting item you can use to rocket propel elytra.

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Here is your guide on making your basic firework-rocket.

Supported Platforms

The firework rocket can be found in these versions of Minecraft:

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Where To Find The Firework Rocket In Creative Mode

Minecraft Java Edition (PC/Mac)

Below are instructions on finding the firework-rocket within the Creative Inventory menu:


  • Platform will be the applicable platform.
  • Version explains the Minecraft version number or numbers where an item is located in a menu location that is listed (we have confirmed and tested this version number.)
  • The Creative Menu Location explains the location associated with an item inside the Creative menu.

Required Materials that you will need to make your Firework Rocket. When in Minecraft, here are materials which you are able to utilize to make a firework rocket:

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Crafting A Firework Rocket In Survival Mode

First Open the Crafting Menu. When you open the crafting table, you need a 3 x 3 crafting grid which will appear like this:

Add Items to make your Firework Rocket

Within the Crafting Menu, you will see a crafting area which consists of a 3 X 3 crafting grid. When making the firework rocket, drag across 1 paper and 1 gunpowder inside the 3 X 3 crafting grid.

When designing your firework rocket you need to ensure the paper and gunpowder is positioned in a pattern like the below image. Within the 1st row, the 1 paper needs to be placed inside the 2nd box. While the gunpowder needs to be placed in the 2nd box in the 2nd row. This is a Minecraft Crafting recipe to create your basic firework-rocket.

Once you filled your crafting area using the right pattern, a firework rocket appears in a box on the right-hand side.

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The Firework Rocket

This crafting recipe uses 1 gunpowder, which means the flight duration for your firework rocket is 1. Flight duration will determine the height that the rocket can travel to.

You are able to alter the duration for your firework rocket when you change the number of gunpowder’s that you use when crafting your firework rocket.

Examples of this include:

  • When using 1 gunpowder, your flight duration is 1
  • When using 2 gunpowder, your flight duration is 2
  • When using 3 gunpowder, your flight duration is 3

Move Your Firework Rocket To Your Inventory

When you have completed crafting your firework rockets, move these items into your Inventory.

Here are the Best Minecraft Apps for Kids

You have now successfully made your own basic Firework Rocket for Minecraft.

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Learn How Books Work In Minecraft

Cookie Puns That Will Bake Your Day, Riddles, Baking Puns

Cookies have always been associated with love and comfort. No wonder the gift of cookies is a perfect way to communicate a special message of love to someone in your life or to mark a special occasion. From young to old, rich to poor, everyone loves to receive words of love, and what better way to send it than engaging in cookie wordplay. Apart from being sweet and delectable, they are an ideal vehicle to send messages that are playful, meaningful, or just plain fun.

Make cookie baking a lot more fun by using appropriate puns on the labels that are used to tie the bags, on the cookie jar itself, or iced directly onto each cookie. A bag of cookies with a clever pun or friendly thought can go a long way to lightening up someone’s daily grind, or just to say ‘I love you’ in a fun and special way.

Below are a few hot cookie puns and clever quotes to include with your cookie gifts. With so many cute and clever sayings to choose from, you will soon have your own batch of favorite cookie-related puns that are sure to leave you and the recipients of your gifts with a grin on your faces.


Everyone enjoys a good riddle, whether they are sent individually, passed around at a party, or as entertainment after dinner when they are usually shared with everyone present.  In the Table Below are some riddles related to cookies you may not have heard before:

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Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time for gifts and what better way than combining a gift of cookies with a message of love like the ones below:

  • Wild About You – Create a ‘wild’ theme with leaf cookie cutters and decorate some of them with simple wildlife designs like zebras, lions, elephants, giraffes, hippos, and anything else that inspires you.


  • Let’s Hang Out ” with a monkey design or,
  • I’m Bananas About You with a few banana shaped cookies
  • I Love Ewe ” little lamb cookies with cut love struck faces
  • I Love You Beary Much ” with goofy bear faces
  •  You’re a Great Catch ” with some cute little fish cookies
  • You’re Purrfect For Me ” with cat shaped cookies
  • We Belong Together ” stick one girl and one boy cookie together
  • You Stole my Heart ” heart shaped cookies
  • You’re Berry Sweet ” strawberry shaped cookies.
  • I Feel so Attracted to You ” with magnet shaped cookies


Cookies are the best way to let friends know that you care. Below are some lovely puns to choose from to include in your messages:

  • Cookies make the world a better place
  • You’re Worth a Fortune (with fortune cookies)
  • You’re a Tough Cookie
  • I Pine for You (with pineapple designs)
  • You’re one Smart Cookie (with e=mc2)
  • Cookies are healthy if you eat them out of a salad bowl


  • You’re the Write Teacher for Me (pencil shapes cookies)
  • It Figures that I can Count on You (a calculator cookie for a maths teacher
  • I Learnt that a Balanced Diet is a Cookie in Each Hand


Christmas cheer is so easy to spread with cookie puns. Just write “ho ho ho” on a few cookies and you’ve got it. Each reindeer’s name is an inspiration, and how about “the Abdominable Snowman”, “Have Your Elf a Merry Little Christmas”, and so on.

Just a little imagination and a batch of cookie dough and you can turn out wonderful gifts that bring laughter and joy to the lucky recipients.

5 Real Life Lessons That Video Games Can Teach You

You might be wondering how video games can help you. All of us have heard how video games bring aggression out in individuals, particularly those who are more violent (it isn’t true; they don’t do this). However, it turns out that video games are not a total waste of time. Actually, they can help you to learn a number of different things. Who would have thought that? If you play lots of video games involving teamwork, then there is a good chance your teamwork skills will improve. Play lots of puzzle games that focus on problem-solving, then you will end up being better at solving problems. There isn’t any limit on how video games can help you.

Team Work

MMO players learn just how important teamwork is right away. At times it requires lots of coordination and manpower to achieve something in the game you are playing, and those who lead the charge will soon find out what they can learn from the video games. When World of Warcraft was at its peak, there were some companies that actually considered the raiding experience to be a big positive, and probably some places do to this day. Of course, if you were to show up at your job interview without showering for a week due to being on an 18-hour WoW bender, they probably wouldn’t really be impressed by the fact that your guild was able to pull having the realm-first Ragnaros kill. However, if you can draw from your experience in your time that has been spent in video games working as a team, then you can translate this easy to your working environment, since many times, those will involve lots of teamwork as well.


In addition to helping you with teamwork skills, video games also can help you become a better communicator. If you play a game that heavily relies on communication, then there is a good chance you will be able to naturally apply the skill beyond the game. One good example is the game Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes This game is based almost completely on communication. One individual has the task of disarming a bomb, while everyone else must talk the person through it. It’s not hard to imagine that having good communication skills can make this task easier, so everyone doesn’t explode. The same can be said about many real-life communication examples. The better you can navigate, the more successful your communication will be.

Puzzle Solving

Those with enough patience to dive deeply into puzzle games most likely will find that their brains become sharper, which enables them to solve successive puzzles faster. This also allows you to solve real-world problems. If you play enough of Keep Talk and Nobody Explores, then you may be called upon to disarm a real live bomb. That’s actually completely not true, and if anyone does ever ask you to diffuse a based on you playing a video game just politely decline the request. However, puzzle games can definitely help you with developing your critical thinking skills, and this is an immensely useful skill to have in real life.


This may be really obvious, or perhaps not, just bear with me for a minute. Learning how to be patient is one of the many ways that playing video games can help you with real-life situations. Many video games, particularly those involving some sort of loot, involve repetition as well. By having to farm those necessary resources, you learn how to be patient. Perhaps when you are first getting started, you only last for about 20 minutes before you feel like you are bouncing off of the walls. Then as time goes on, and you find yourself spending hours trying to farm or a rare item without realizing it. Keep in mind, everything in moderation. Or go all out if you really do want something badly enough. Video games, similar to patience, can teach you tenacity as well. Have you ever tried to avoid getting into a fight with a tough boss for several hours? That’s tenacity at work. Life is about having the determination to see through all the way to the end whatever your goals are.

Overcoming Your Fears

Thanks mainly to VR, this one is new. It turns out that when you are physically immersed in an environment that is nearly as realistic as actual reality is that it really can help with alleviating fear. For example, take arachnophobia. It has been shown that when virtual spiders are handled in VR, that you learn to become more comfortable with real spiders. Of course, it’s a long shot trying to get people to deal with spiders no matter what form of reality it is, and no matter how harmless the spiders are, but it can take the fears down a few notches. Also, VR can be used for helping overcome your fear of heights. Think about all of the other virtual therapy applications that could help people. If you have a fear of aliens, just get abducted virtually a couple of times, and then when the real thing occurs, you won’t be scared. Maybe all of those problem-solving skills that you learned from the puzzle games can help you with that situation.

That was just five examples of ways that video games can benefit you. Truthfully, there are a practically unlimited number of applications. So what are some of the ways that video games have benefited you?

Essential Tips For Getting Better At Competitive Video Games

Essential Tips For Getting Better At Competitive Video GamesEveryone knows the feeling of being labeled the “team noob” or getting insulting messages after a match in their favorite video game. It even happens in real life competitions as well. Of course, there’s only so much a person can take.

This is totally understandable. First of all, it’s not common for anyone to just be a natural expert at something. And sometimes it’s not even a matter of practice. Just look at the world of competitive sports. Practice alone doesn’t make a star player. Strategy and skill are both necessity in order to the rise to the top!

Honestly, the same is true when it comes to video games. Single player games can be mastered easily enough through mere repetition. Platformers, story focused RPGS, and action adventure games like Uncharted or Prince of Persia are prime examples. When it comes to competitive multiplayer titles however, there are so many varied scenarios from one play session to the next that experience and practice will only get you so far.

With that said, it’s still useful to start with the basics and work your way up. With that in mind, here are some of the most essential tips for improving your skills in competitive video games:

Put In The Work

You can never rise the ranks without some effort being put in! If you want to get better at video games, it’s going to take some time and effort. You won’t wake up a complete pro one day; you have to put the hours in order to master all of the basic skills necessary to compete.

Despite skill not being the only factor at play, you’ll always lose more often than not without it. If you aren’t routinely outperforming others in your team on multiplayer games or winning more than you lose in head to head titles, you need to dig deeper. By simply amassing more experience, you will be well on your well to leveling up your own skill.

The main difference between professional gamers and casual fans is the time and dedication put in. If you aren’t prepared to practice and seven study, perhaps video games should only be a hobby for you at best.

Learn Only From The Best

Do everything you can to surround yourself with the very best players. Take stock of players you come across that seem to rank highest and send them a friendly message. See if they’ll add you to their friend list and engage in a friendly conversation with them. Merely being humble enough to ask for pointers will net you a wealth of useful information that you can use to improve upon your own strategies and skills.

Of course, you can even find potential mentors outside of the game. Online forums like those found on GameFAQs, GameSpot, Giant Bomb, or even Kotaku have large communities where the most dedicated game enthusiasts all come together to discuss game mechanics. Official publisher websites also tend to have dedicated forums, and you can even check out content aggregate sites like Reddit for even more insight. More than likely, many of the pros in the scene for each game probably use these same platforms for information. They may even be members themselves. Beyond that, you should also scout online tutorials on Youtube or major Twitch streams; in many cases, these may actually be generated by the professionals themselves.

Go Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

Beyond just playing as often as possible and learning from the pros, you also need to challenge yourself. If you want to rise in the ranks, you’ll need an all-encompassing knowledge of the game. With this in mind, get out of your comfort zone and play classes or characters you don’t usually feel drawn to. Ideally, you should know every single role in the game inside and out. This will make playing against others far easier in the long run.

Best iOS Word And Puzzle Games 2019

 Best iOS Word And Puzzle GamesIf you loved playing the original Monument Valley, then what you need to do is to grab its sequel today. And if you have never played this puzzle game, then the second installment of Monument Valley is a great way to start as it is a standalone game that will not require you to play the original one. The mentally-stimulating puzzles are back, this time packing a dash of light and color as you make your way through a kingdom resembling an MC Esher print. The game adds new features while maintaining the immersive music and minimalist look that made the original so much fun. For instance, you now have the ability to control a new, second character, Heroine Ro’s child who joins her on her epic journey.

Why We Are So In Love With Puzzle Games

A good word or puzzle game can become so addictive that it might end your relationship, invade your dreams or lead to you getting kicked off a plane. The gratification this apps, as little as they are, give when you solve problems is the reason why it’s so hard to walk away from them. When you do not get rewards instantly, you find yourself convincing yourself to try just one more time and you will have it. These devilishly-fun distractions will leave you wondering why you never knew them a while back and how they would have been great to pass your free time with.

Best iOS Adventure Games

If you the first two installments of Telltale Game’s thrilled you, then try The Walking Dead. You will love their latest installment. Even if you are new to its mobile series, there is so much to enjoy with this game that places an emphasis on the emotional burden of making decisions and character interaction. Its initial download will cost you just $4.99; however, you can still get multi-episode multipacks at reduced costs.

Why We Adore Adventure Games

If you are looking for a better alternative to replace time-killers like Candy Crush or Angry Birds, then take a detour by getting an interesting, truly-engaging adventure game. Games in this genre focus on puzzles, story, and exploration, making them natural fits for mobile. And because of this, there is a rich variety of games available today. These games also provide plenty of personalities with some focusing on time travel, some on horror, and others on murder mysteries. From modern fare games with out-of-this-world graphics to the more traditional point-and-click ports, here’s a list of 15 of the best adventure games for iOS and Android devices.

Best Action Games For iOS 2018

Alto is back as the second installment of the awesome Alto’s Adventure. The new version is as good as the first in every bit. On Alto’s Odyssey, your task is to guide Alto through a new series of beautiful landscapes with desert vistas and dunes replacing snow. The gameplay is still the same” you still have to pull off some tricks and jumps to collect coins while avoiding hazards. However, with Alto’s Odyssey, they are a few changes. For instance, the game now features new environmental elements such as cliffs, balloons, and tornadoes, which add new challenges to the first installment’s elegant simplicity.

Why Action Games Are Our Thing

When you feel like you want to blow stuff up or get a bit bloody, then what you need is an action game. Action games keep your reflexes sharp while you take on the bad guys and evils of our world and the next. The moment you take on one of these gaming apps, you become a sniper, a battle-hardened robot, or even a superhero. However, for action games to be considered great, they should make you feel transported by seamless controls and console-quality graphics. Here’s a list of our top picks.

Great Party Games To Play During Holiday Gatherings

Why let a plodding game like Risk bring down the mood of yet another holiday gathering? Say you’re getting together with family or friends for a special occasion like Thanksgiving: you need something lively, light, and fun that will bring everyone together rather than splitting them apart of boring them to tears. It’s also good to try new things rather than relying on the same old, same old. Monopoly is great and all, but haven’t we all had our fill already?

This year, you can forgo the physical games altogether. There are now a wealth of amazing party games available for download on any smart phone, tablet, or laptop computer. With that in mind, here are some of the best examples of party games these days:

1 – Heads Up!

This has to be the most classic example of a smartphone party game. With Heads Up!, you simply hold your phone up to your forehead as everyone playing along gives you clues about what’s currently displayed. Once you guess the answer, you can quickly tilt down and then move on to the next topic. You can even tilt the phone upwards to just move on to the next one if you aren’t able to guess one. It’s an incredibly fun spin on the guessing game/charades concept, and competing to see who can get the most right is a blast.

You can even allow the app to record each playthrough for easy sharing on social media if you want! This will serve as a great momento in the future, and it even helps squeeze a little bit more value out of the purchase. Speaking of which, the game itself is only 99 cents on both iOS and Android platforms! You can’t go wrong.

2 – Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes

While traditionally a VR title, Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes is more social than you’d probably think. One person is given the task of defusing a bomb based upon the instructions of other players. You can have an entire group of people all doing their best to decipher the instructions and relay them to whomever is currently in the hot seat. It is available on pretty much all major virtual reality platforms for only $10. A standardized PC version is also available from Steam for a few bucks less, making it easy to enjoy even if you only have a laptop available.

3 – Reverse Charades

It hasn’t been changed in many years now, but the completely free game Reverse Charades is still just as good as ever. Everything you need to know is right in the title! Rather than having one person give physical clues for other players, a larger group acts out topics and terms for one person. In many ways, this is just as fun as Heads Up! and it tapes the exact same vein. You can also expand the core game with themed topics like the holidays, certain decades, sports, and others. The expansions are 99 cents a pop, or you can get them all in one fell swoop for just 5 bucks. Fair enough!

4 – Spaceteam

Think back to your favorite episode of Star Trek or sci-fi movie in general. Spaceteam showcases a star fleet of sorts that currently resides in a damaged starship. There are only eight people left on the crew, and a nearby star is coming dangerously close to collapsing. In order to survive the endeavor, everyone has to take a console and work together to get the ship back in order for an escape.

This is another free title that’s available on any smartphone. It’s perfect for any group ranging from 2 to 8 players. It may devolve into a bit of shouting as the pressure builds, but it’s all in good clean fun! You’re sure to have a blast.

5 – Ticket To Ride

As you may know, Ticket To Ride actually is a board game. However, it has been translated into a fantastic app game as well. You can play with five people and once and compete to amass the most impressive railroad route. This is one the whole family can easily enjoy together! Better yet, the app version is only $7, a real steal compared to the $50 or so the physical board game would set you back.