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This is the coolmath web and network. During 1997 a couple of sites decided to make math enjoyable for all those type of people who have thought math itsnpot fun at all. After years passed by now there are many people which are convinced that coolmath is an equation that makes sense.

The official site .com is the first site created on the web and offers for ages 10-100 explanations that are easy to grasp on topics like algebra, precalculus and more. for all of us that have had a career as math teachers its such a great pleasure for us to help people understand coolmathgames and enjoy.

Coolmathforkids is for 12 years-old and under users. Cool Math For Kids is design in a way to teach math to this category of ages and make it fun to them.

Coolmath Games is a brain training game for everyone thinking meets fun and use logic to play coolmath games. Of course this type of games have nothing to do with violence and no empty action. In here you will find alot of challenges that will make you forget you’re getting a mental workout!

Have fun and enjoy with all coolmathgames you find on our site!


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Cookie Puns That Will Bake Your Day, Riddles, Baking Puns

Cookies have always been associated with love and comfort. No wonder the gift of cookies is a perfect way to communicate a special message of love to someone in your life or to mark a special occasion. From young to old, rich to poor, everyone loves to receive words of love, and what better way to send it than engaging in cookie wordplay. Apart from being sweet and delectable, they are an ideal vehicle to send messages that are playful, meaningful, or just plain fun.

Make cookie baking a lot more fun by using appropriate puns on the labels that are used to tie the bags, on the cookie jar itself, or iced directly onto each cookie. A bag of cookies with a clever pun or friendly thought can go a long way to lightening up someone’s daily grind, or just to say ‘I love you’ in a fun and special way.

Below are a few hot cookie puns and clever quotes to include with your cookie gifts. With so many cute and clever sayings to choose from, you will soon have your own batch of favorite cookie-related puns that are sure to leave you and the recipients of your gifts with a grin on your faces.


Everyone enjoys a good riddle, whether they are sent individually, passed around at a party, or as entertainment after dinner when they are usually shared with everyone present.  In the Table Below are some riddles related to cookies you may not have heard before:

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Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time for gifts and what better way than combining a gift of cookies with a message of love like the ones below:

  • Wild About You – Create a ‘wild’ theme with leaf cookie cutters and decorate some of them with simple wildlife designs like zebras, lions, elephants, giraffes, hippos, and anything else that inspires you.


  • Let’s Hang Out ” with a monkey design or,
  • I’m Bananas About You with a few banana shaped cookies
  • I Love Ewe ” little lamb cookies with cut love struck faces
  • I Love You Beary Much ” with goofy bear faces
  •  You’re a Great Catch ” with some cute little fish cookies
  • You’re Purrfect For Me ” with cat shaped cookies
  • We Belong Together ” stick one girl and one boy cookie together
  • You Stole my Heart ” heart shaped cookies
  • You’re Berry Sweet ” strawberry shaped cookies.
  • I Feel so Attracted to You ” with magnet shaped cookies


Cookies are the best way to let friends know that you care. Below are some lovely puns to choose from to include in your messages:

  • Cookies make the world a better place
  • You’re Worth a Fortune (with fortune cookies)
  • You’re a Tough Cookie
  • I Pine for You (with pineapple designs)
  • You’re one Smart Cookie (with e=mc2)
  • Cookies are healthy if you eat them out of a salad bowl


  • You’re the Write Teacher for Me (pencil shapes cookies)
  • It Figures that I can Count on You (a calculator cookie for a maths teacher
  • I Learnt that a Balanced Diet is a Cookie in Each Hand


Christmas cheer is so easy to spread with cookie puns. Just write “ho ho ho” on a few cookies and you’ve got it. Each reindeer’s name is an inspiration, and how about “the Abdominable Snowman”, “Have Your Elf a Merry Little Christmas”, and so on.

Just a little imagination and a batch of cookie dough and you can turn out wonderful gifts that bring laughter and joy to the lucky recipients.