Best iOS Word And Puzzle Games 2019

 Best iOS Word And Puzzle GamesIf you loved playing the original Monument Valley, then what you need to do is to grab its sequel today. And if you have never played this puzzle game, then the second installment of Monument Valley is a great way to start as it is a standalone game that will not require you to play the original one. The mentally-stimulating puzzles are back, this time packing a dash of light and color as you make your way through a kingdom resembling an MC Esher print. The game adds new features while maintaining the immersive music and minimalist look that made the original so much fun. For instance, you now have the ability to control a new, second character, Heroine Ro’s child who joins her on her epic journey.

Why We Are So In Love With Puzzle Games

A good word or puzzle game can become so addictive that it might end your relationship, invade your dreams or lead to you getting kicked off a plane. The gratification this apps, as little as they are, give when you solve problems is the reason why it’s so hard to walk away from them. When you do not get rewards instantly, you find yourself convincing yourself to try just one more time and you will have it. These devilishly-fun distractions will leave you wondering why you never knew them a while back and how they would have been great to pass your free time with.

Best iOS Adventure Games

If you the first two installments of Telltale Game’s thrilled you, then try The Walking Dead. You will love their latest installment. Even if you are new to its mobile series, there is so much to enjoy with this game that places an emphasis on the emotional burden of making decisions and character interaction. Its initial download will cost you just $4.99; however, you can still get multi-episode multipacks at reduced costs.

Why We Adore Adventure Games

If you are looking for a better alternative to replace time-killers like Candy Crush or Angry Birds, then take a detour by getting an interesting, truly-engaging adventure game. Games in this genre focus on puzzles, story, and exploration, making them natural fits for mobile. And because of this, there is a rich variety of games available today. These games also provide plenty of personalities with some focusing on time travel, some on horror, and others on murder mysteries. From modern fare games with out-of-this-world graphics to the more traditional point-and-click ports, here’s a list of 15 of the best adventure games for iOS and Android devices.

Best Action Games For iOS 2018

Alto is back as the second installment of the awesome Alto’s Adventure. The new version is as good as the first in every bit. On Alto’s Odyssey, your task is to guide Alto through a new series of beautiful landscapes with desert vistas and dunes replacing snow. The gameplay is still the same” you still have to pull off some tricks and jumps to collect coins while avoiding hazards. However, with Alto’s Odyssey, they are a few changes. For instance, the game now features new environmental elements such as cliffs, balloons, and tornadoes, which add new challenges to the first installment’s elegant simplicity.

Why Action Games Are Our Thing

When you feel like you want to blow stuff up or get a bit bloody, then what you need is an action game. Action games keep your reflexes sharp while you take on the bad guys and evils of our world and the next. The moment you take on one of these gaming apps, you become a sniper, a battle-hardened robot, or even a superhero. However, for action games to be considered great, they should make you feel transported by seamless controls and console-quality graphics. Here’s a list of our top picks.

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