Great Party Games To Play During Holiday Gatherings

Why let a plodding game like Risk bring down the mood of yet another holiday gathering? Say you’re getting together with family or friends for a special occasion like Thanksgiving: you need something lively, light, and fun that will bring everyone together rather than splitting them apart of boring them to tears. It’s also good to try new things rather than relying on the same old, same old. Monopoly is great and all, but haven’t we all had our fill already?

This year, you can forgo the physical games altogether. There are now a wealth of amazing party games available for download on any smart phone, tablet, or laptop computer. With that in mind, here are some of the best examples of party games these days:

1 – Heads Up!

This has to be the most classic example of a smartphone party game. With Heads Up!, you simply hold your phone up to your forehead as everyone playing along gives you clues about what’s currently displayed. Once you guess the answer, you can quickly tilt down and then move on to the next topic. You can even tilt the phone upwards to just move on to the next one if you aren’t able to guess one. It’s an incredibly fun spin on the guessing game/charades concept, and competing to see who can get the most right is a blast.

You can even allow the app to record each playthrough for easy sharing on social media if you want! This will serve as a great momento in the future, and it even helps squeeze a little bit more value out of the purchase. Speaking of which, the game itself is only 99 cents on both iOS and Android platforms! You can’t go wrong.

2 – Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes

While traditionally a VR title, Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes is more social than you’d probably think. One person is given the task of defusing a bomb based upon the instructions of other players. You can have an entire group of people all doing their best to decipher the instructions and relay them to whomever is currently in the hot seat. It is available on pretty much all major virtual reality platforms for only $10. A standardized PC version is also available from Steam for a few bucks less, making it easy to enjoy even if you only have a laptop available.

3 – Reverse Charades

It hasn’t been changed in many years now, but the completely free game Reverse Charades is still just as good as ever. Everything you need to know is right in the title! Rather than having one person give physical clues for other players, a larger group acts out topics and terms for one person. In many ways, this is just as fun as Heads Up! and it tapes the exact same vein. You can also expand the core game with themed topics like the holidays, certain decades, sports, and others. The expansions are 99 cents a pop, or you can get them all in one fell swoop for just 5 bucks. Fair enough!

4 – Spaceteam

Think back to your favorite episode of Star Trek or sci-fi movie in general. Spaceteam showcases a star fleet of sorts that currently resides in a damaged starship. There are only eight people left on the crew, and a nearby star is coming dangerously close to collapsing. In order to survive the endeavor, everyone has to take a console and work together to get the ship back in order for an escape.

This is another free title that’s available on any smartphone. It’s perfect for any group ranging from 2 to 8 players. It may devolve into a bit of shouting as the pressure builds, but it’s all in good clean fun! You’re sure to have a blast.

5 – Ticket To Ride

As you may know, Ticket To Ride actually is a board game. However, it has been translated into a fantastic app game as well. You can play with five people and once and compete to amass the most impressive railroad route. This is one the whole family can easily enjoy together! Better yet, the app version is only $7, a real steal compared to the $50 or so the physical board game would set you back.

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