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Hey guys, Ada is character at the Brawhalla Game, below you will find in-depth information about her Strength, dexterity, Defense, speed, signature and much more.

Ada is currently the strongest character in the Brawlhalla Game. With her incredible signatures Ada has pretty much a zero risk at maximum reward type of legend. Spears cooperate very well with her. Ada is one of those Legends that works very well with beginners.

List of Skins

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Affects how much harm is done by the Legend, alongside how much power their attacks have. Higher Strength means opponents fly more remote and take more damage for a similar attack compared with Legends with lower quality. Signatures moves have common force values and damage also are naturally unaffected by Strength.


Ada dexterity will have an effect on attacking speed. A character with more dexterity will have much less recovery time after an attack have taken place. allowing you for a much quicker successive attacks but also a shorter minimum charge time for massive attacks which allows you for a faster kill.


This affects how much harm is done to a legend from all attacks also how fare a legend flies when struck. With Higher Strength you have to understand that rivals fly farther and will take much more damage for the similar attack compared with legends that have lower strength or power.


The speed also it has to do how quick the legend moves around a battlefield while jumping or running. Moves while an attack is taken place and dodges is also does not affect speed attack, nor dodge duration.

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  • Neutral Signature – While jumping up Ada shoots from both of her guns two green blasts that as soon as they contact the floor they explode.
  • Ada Side Signature – She brings both her guns in front and shoots a green laser. The laser that comes out from her guns hits multiple times before launching at her rivals.
  • Down Signature – Ada with her down Signature shoots 2 small green blasts and after a big green blast, the shots combo with each-other and she will receive recoil while backwards.


  • Neutral Signature – While jumping on air Ada swings her spear around.
  • Side Signature – She does a very quick slash with the spear.
  • Down Signature – Ada moves a bit forward while doing a break dance but not like Val’s down Signature, her hits do not combo with one another.

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