How To Make A Firework Rocket In Minecraft 2019

In this Minecraft tutorial we will explain how you can craft your own firework rocket using step-by-step instructions and screenshots. In Minecraft, the firework rocket happens to be a fun and exciting item you can use to rocket propel elytra.

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Here is your guide on making your basic firework-rocket.

Supported Platforms

The firework rocket can be found in these versions of Minecraft:

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Where To Find The Firework Rocket In Creative Mode

Minecraft Java Edition (PC/Mac)

Below are instructions on finding the firework-rocket within the Creative Inventory menu:


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Required Materials that you will need to make your Firework Rocket. When in Minecraft, here are materials which you are able to utilize to make a firework rocket:

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Crafting A Firework Rocket In Survival Mode

First Open the Crafting Menu. When you open the crafting table, you need a 3 x 3 crafting grid which will appear like this:

Add Items to make your Firework Rocket

Within the Crafting Menu, you will see a crafting area which consists of a 3 X 3 crafting grid. When making the firework rocket, drag across 1 paper and 1 gunpowder inside the 3 X 3 crafting grid.

When designing your firework rocket you need to ensure the paper and gunpowder is positioned in a pattern like the below image. Within the 1st row, the 1 paper needs to be placed inside the 2nd box. While the gunpowder needs to be placed in the 2nd box in the 2nd row. This is a Minecraft Crafting recipe to create your basic firework-rocket.

Once you filled your crafting area using the right pattern, a firework rocket appears in a box on the right-hand side.

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The Firework Rocket

This crafting recipe uses 1 gunpowder, which means the flight duration for your firework rocket is 1. Flight duration will determine the height that the rocket can travel to.

You are able to alter the duration for your firework rocket when you change the number of gunpowder’s that you use when crafting your firework rocket.

Examples of this include:

  • When using 1 gunpowder, your flight duration is 1
  • When using 2 gunpowder, your flight duration is 2
  • When using 3 gunpowder, your flight duration is 3

Move Your Firework Rocket To Your Inventory

When you have completed crafting your firework rockets, move these items into your Inventory.

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You have now successfully made your own basic Firework Rocket for Minecraft.

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