7 Of Our Favorite Games Derived From The Biggest Video Game Event In The UK

From smashing tanks to mystery boxes, below are the iconic multiplayer games along with offbeat titles which have grabbed our attention.

7 Of Our Favorite GamesThe biggest of the video game events in the UK known as EGX, recently took place and attracted over 75,000 avid fans to the Birmingham NEC. As usual the show-floor displayed offbeat-independent titles and blockbuster mega-hits all fighting for attention and space, providing enjoyable and extremely varied browsing experiences.

Below are the one%u2019s we chose as our favorite titles, excluding games that we previously highlighted from the year%u2019s Gamescom and E3 shows. If you joined this event feel free to add your own view point in our comments section.

1. The Dandara (Long Hat House)

The attendees at the EGX compared this Metroidvania-style platformer to a cult classic known as VVVVVV, due to the gravity-free movement-mechanic. However, there are a few significant differences. For example, it is far more graphically detailed, along with a recognizable human-lead character, known as Dandara with her gravity-defying leaps, which are aimed so she can jump diagonally. In addition, she holds a gun. It is one of the other interesting releases for Switch, which followed from Dishonored: Death of the Outsider, which is one of the other games where the female protagonist which was of color. Details: release TBC, PC, Switch.

2. The Mystery Box (Milo Keeble)

A true wonder of the EGX%u2019s Leftfield Collection has started to discover the installation games which you will only be able to participate and play at the events. This game involves a wooden-box that features a Post-it that instructs gamers to open the box. Inside this box is a tablet which offers various mini-games that are controlled with several switches and buttons which are attached to this container. A few are silly and funny WarioWare escapades, while others involve tasks that are more frantic that involve timers along with a rotate visual representation associated with the controls in the box that result in a frantic scrabble for the buttons. The best rated would be the train-driving sim that provides a button which blows a whistle and the lever to pick up speed as you are rolling through the countryside.

3. Falling Sky From Jonathan Nielssen And His Team

Projects that are brought to the EGX from students that come from the “National Film and Television” are always regarded as fascinating, this year there was one that really stood out. Jonathan Nielssen has worked on his very own Twin Peaks-inspired open-world narrative game known as Falling Sky along with a small team that includes voice actors and a composer for a period of only 8 months, yet the demo is already offering a promising fragment about this story along with Google Maps-style features which assist you in navigating through the town and motion-captured animations. In this game you are a young-man that returns home to his family to find out his mother has gone missing, while his young baby brother has been left by himself. What really happened and who leaves the strange messages on the young mans answerphone? You can watch the trailer right here.

Details: release dates and formats TBC

4. Jalopy (Minskworks)

Greg Pryjmachuk the developer of Jalopy has worked previously on the Formula 1 games, yet Jalopy is entirely different when it comes to driving experiences. It starts off with a gift from your uncle of a Laika 601 Deluxe which is broken down, the fictional car which was based on a Trabant 601 that comes from East Germany. The game involves locating parts and upgrading the car to handle various environments that involve road trips that span the country. Smuggle contraband, scavenge and listen to tales from your uncle associated with the former Eastern bloc.

Details: PC, already available on Steam early access

5. RotoRing (Gregory Kogos And We Throw Switches)

Similar to Wobbler, RotoRing happens to be one of those games built with Arduino micro-controllers along with a few lights. With this being the case, your aim is to move the glowing avatar to goals, by rotating the avatar around rings, while switching between the rings to avoid the red glows. It is simple, but at the same time manages to mix up reaction-based play with puzzle-solving, and the bright sounds and lights makes for a truly satisfying game, especially when it comes to the arcade cabinet version at EGX.

6. Black The Fall (Sand Sailor Studio)

The Dystopian 2D platformers will more than likely soon feel overdone, but this is not the case yet. Even though Black The Fall does not involve a child that is in danger, it still feels similar to the games such as Inside and Little Nightmares. In this game you play a man that is on-the-run that will typically die time and time again, while you learn how you need to lead the character to an escape along with assistance that comes from a robot that has been abandoned who he befriends.

Details: PS4, PC, Xbox One, available now

7. Smash Tanks! (Dumpling Design)

Created by the same team which was behind the outstanding mobile-driving game known as Dashy Crashy, this an augmented-reality game which has only been under development for a few weeks, yet it already regarded as great fun, especially since the tech featured on the show-floor allowed for the multiplayer function. From a tablet with the camera aimed at a table that is empty, you are provided with a way to control cartoonish-tanks in various environments. The game involves pulling back on a tank similar to aiming with a snooker-cue to unleash your tanks on obstacles or opponents, making sure to aim for their weak spots, along with the ability to charge up various specialized weapons.

Detail: should be available by December on “iOS ARKit” and soon after on Google ARCore.

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